BTCC, a growing boy and his adventures in his suit!

You may recall a previous blog I made a few years back about Craig (from hereon in Craig is now referred to as Craigo following the Fosters adverts which aired a while back and resulted in his name unofficially changing).
Well Craigo is now 7 and still has a love for motorsport and his Bentley race suit almost fits him now!
In the time since I last wrote, both my wife and myself had become members of the Rob Austin Racing Owners club following various Birthday presents to each other. From the membership of this group, I was fortunate to win a pair of tickets to Croft circuit which one of the members had donated (thanks Nadine :) ).
As raceday arrived, we made the journey from the Midlands up the A1 arriving at the circuit just at race one was underway. Keen to offer thanks for the tickets I sought out the RAROC members who were quickly spotted on the outside of the Hawthorn Bend and we were soon welcomed into the group.
It soon became apparent that the group were friendly, helpful and erm… how do I say this politely… a touch mad !
Craigo was happily sat with his new friends who were talking and playing. Obviously, with boys this usually escalates which is where the following picture emerges.
Craigo Hanging Around
I am not quite sure what exactly started this, however I have a suspicion it may have followed Craigo telling his new friends his favorite driver was still Matt Neal which is something of a taboo for RAR fans! Needless to say, Craigo was bonding well with his new friends and spent the whole day sitting, playing and occasionally playing rough as boys do (I do apologise as Craigo was a touch over exuberant at times).Craigo

With is being raceday, Craigo was again on the hunt for more pictures and signatures for his suit, with particular focus on Andy Priaulx and Josh Cook. A short walk to the back of the garages resulted in the following pictures.


Craigo was once again over the moon, which as a parent you cannot underestimate just how much can matter.
I would like to thank the people who made all this happen and continue to make the BTCC special for adults and kids.
Josh Cook who was busy when I asked but still was prepared to spare the time to pose for a picture prior to the start of race 2.
To Andy and specifically his wife Jo Priaulx (I didn’t realise you were his wife until afterwards) who spoke to Craigo so nicely and helpfully.

As a slight side note I would also link to this lovely picture which I saw which Colin Turkington tweeted.

As a parent I understand and appreciate fully the time the drivers and teams take for the fans!

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