Trackday – 19/08/14

I was invited to a friend of mine’s trackday he had booked at Bedford Autodrome for the evening session on Tuesday 19th Aug 2014 as we had previously done something similar in my car a year or so ago.
Weather was good and I took along my camera to snap some of the machinery there. Had something of a mixed bag, mainly concentrating around the slight right-hander along the pit straight.
I was sticking to what I know best – panning shots.
Using the Canon EOS 1100D and stalwart Sigma 70-300 APO I tried various shots with mixed results.
Annoyingly, I found the sun was pretty much directly in line with the apex of the corner, hence some of the iffy shots.
As i finished moved slightly after the apex, turned the ISO mode from auto (which it always seems to default to ISO100) to ISO 400 and played to a shutter speed around 1/125 in Shutter priority mode with a single focus point in the centre. This gave an aperture of f/8, which wasn’t ideal for my lens and went against the grain of what I was taught to try and do (aperture of around 5.6 to match lens) – the results were fantastic though – with the pic of the green Exige S and Sunflower 172 some of my best shots.

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